Monday, June 16, 2008

Shelf Life?

Thanks to Z, of Golly Geeez for this bit of info about tires.
It is from ABC's, 20/20 program, on tire safety and "shelf life".
Something to ponder as you shop for your next set of tires.


Z said...

thanks, TMW. I just hope people check out their own tires AND the 'new' ones they're going to buy. This is shocking and needs to be heeded. it can save lives.

nanc said...

you know this must be a similar reason the automakers have you change your timing belts at 24,000 miles - i waited until 82,000 on our little ford escort and the mechanic ran it through an exray machine alongside the new one and had me look at it and you could not tell the difference.

the mechanic told me this is to ensure that you spend several hundred dollars at least every two years.

from my experience with tires - NEVER buy goodyear - they're the worst and do not live up to their name - it's just a name.

on the ford - it's got over 300,000 miles on it and we've changed the timing belt twice!