Monday, August 18, 2008

Cincinnati Chili VS EAT Out

Dang if I don't often have anything sensible to say. ;)

But here's one.

If you all have never had Cincinnati-Style chili, DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!

Cinci-chili is a spaghetti base with a thin special chili sauce on top. That is called a "two-way" around here.

Most popular is the "three-way", which has shredded cheese on that, and then the four and five way, which have chopped onion and red kidney beans, respectively.

This is a very filling, high-cal, high fat meal, and will run you about six buck PER PLATE at Skyline or Gold Star.

If you can find a $3 can of the above brand chili in your market, or order it, an on sale box of spaghetti and an on sale bag of thinly shredded cheese gives you the same meal. FIVE PLATES for the cost of ONE PLATE. 

And, if you get a pack of hot dogs, buns, and cheese, you've got chili dogs Cinci style. Again, a five to one ratio!

We're doing this at home about once a week now! In fact, we're doing it tonight! :)


The Merry Widow said...

This sounds like what happened to my Mom one night. She thought she had thawed a container of frozen spaghetti sauce...we had chili-ghetti, with was very good!
Dad even said to do it again...the ultimate seal of approval!


Brooke said...

Noooooo, no parmesan! Finely shredded mild cheddar!

You MUST do it Cinci-style, or you haven't lived! ;)

Z said...

Brooke, can you guys implement a new law: NOTHING that sounds THIS GOOD and is "high-cal, high fat" can be posted!?
of course, how many things NOT high-cal and high fat ARE this delicious sounding!
It's a CURSE! mmmmmm bon appetit!

nanc said...

brooke - my eldest used to make what she called "guido" - it was chili over drained ramen noodles with cheese and onions - she and her friends would put it into a big bowl, grab forks and spoons and all eat out of the same bowl - BLECH! this is the same child who'd scold you for double dipping your chips or vegies. ..never got it...

Brooke said...


Mmmm, I haven't had ramen noodles for some time... ;)

The Merry Widow said...

Ramen noodles are so useful, you can do so much with them...since my daughter is addicted to them, I just wave a pack or 2 and I have her undivided attention! LOL!
Am inventing a new turkey meatball recipe, made from 1 lb. of ground turkey from the AngelFood menu...will publish it, if it flies. It probably will, my daughter had her nose stuck in the bowl I was making them in...
will use a cream gravy and biscuits...