Thursday, October 16, 2008


...other than caulking:

do the stretchy little headbands you or yours like to wear constantly have to be readjusted? tip: turn the headband inside out onto a coffee can - snip a TINY hole in your caulking tube (i like the regular tubes with the clear caulking) - draw a very thin line of the caulk around the middle of the headband and allow to dry. if using the wider stretchy headbands - do the same with the exception of a thin bead - place a dot of caulk about the size of a pea at two to three inch intervals and then flatten each dot and allow to dry. NO MORE SLIPPAGE!

this is one of my favorites. do you ever find your favorite cutting board wants to slide all over the counter when you're using it? simple remedy: on the backside of the cutting board, place a dot about the size of a marble of caulk (the end of the tube should be snipped larger for this one) about one inch in on the surface of each corner - before it's dry, yet still soft, flatten the dot to about a quarter inch thick - allow to dry before using. NO MORE SLIPPAGE!

do you have any great and unusual uses for caulking? please feel free to share.


Brooke said...

Cool! I've got a watchamacallit... Those things you put spoons on while cooking... Anyway, it's missing a rubber 'foot.'

I'm going to have to do this! :)

The Merry Widow said...

I have a little cutting board that is also missing a 'foot'...perfect!
Handy-dandy, Miz Nanc!


John McElveen said...

Hey Hammer,

I just stumbled across this site, after catching up on my reading and visiting your site! Cool stuff. I wanna play!

Hope everything is going well my friend.



The Merry Widow said...

Welcome, John!
Glad you like the place...kind of homey and smells like something good in the kitchen.