Wednesday, November 12, 2008


photo courtesy of farmer's market online.

one double boiler - fill bottom with water

in top of double boiler place one 12 ounce bag of whatever chocolate chips you like - my fave is milk chocolate, but you may use butterscotch, semi-sweet or peanut butter chips if choose.

add one-quarter stick of cooking paraffin (wax) and bring water to a slow boil, stirring paraffin and chips until melted and well blended.

remove from heat and begin dipping ridged potato chips halfway into the mixture, and place onto waxed paper to cool and set.

if you'd like to cover the entire potato you must use a set of tongs so as not to burn your "eatin' fingers".

once cooled and set, place into an airtight container, hide it from your family and snack away when nobody's looking!

the reason i call these "P.M.S. CHIPS" is due to the fact that at least once a month we women NEED a sweet yet salty chocolate snack to bring us to our senses. this one has done the trick for me and some others a time or 756,000.

it will cost you approximately $6.00 to make a two to three month supply OR you may go to a candy store where you'll pay upwards of $18.00 a pound.



Brooke said...

Cool! I would use Kettle Chips, though. ;)

My weapon of choice for that time is usually chocolate covered pretzels.

I'll have to try this one.

Brooke said...

What do you consider a two or three month supply? Is it something that I would eat in one sitting? ;)

nanc said...

brooke - you can do it with pretzels or any other chips - i use "ruffles" because they hold up the best.

a two to three month supply depends upon the person with pms! ha! they do, however, satisfy that "wanna salty, sweet, chocolate" snack all in one.

The Merry Widow said...

I had some chocolate covered pretzels once, loooooong before I knew what PMS was...dang, I could have used them!


cube said...

I am waaaay less chocoholic than you guys are. Really. I could do without chocolate before I could do without bread.

nanc said...

what about using butterscotch or peanut butter chips?

Papa Frank said... I have permission to make these anyway? What with being the wrong gender and all and do to the volatile nature of the time talked about in the post I figured I had better ask. ;0)

nanc said...

of course! but you'd probably want to do this with deer jerky...