Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Tip From Kelly!

I live in Southeast Texas, where it's mosquito season most of the year, and have a mild allergy to the anticoagulant the mosquito injects.
I try not to get eaten up by them, but it happens on occasion, and it causes intense, painful itching for me. Instead of buying some overpriced product to relieve itching, I just rub some lemon or lime juice on the bites. The citric acid of the juice breaks down the protein-based anticoagulant. And, of course, relieving the itching prevents scratching, which helps prevent infection.
I hope this tip helps. :)

Living in Florida myself, the mosquito is practically the state bird! So ANY help is welcome! The acidic nature of the citrus may be matched by white vinegar...anybody try that? In Australia, during a certain season, all beach goers take white vinegar along to treat jellyfish it might work too.
Though the citrus certainly smells better!
And a big thank you to, Kelly, of , for sharing!


Hammer said...

Excellent tip. my kids are always eaten up with bites and they won't stop scratching.

The Merry Widow said...

Hammer-One year I got into a swarm of gnats, I ended up going to the doctor with 5 really bad infections...I still have the scars!
So this is really useful! And the Vit.C will help fight infections.


cube said...

I prefer the citrus smell to that of vinegar. Another keeper tip!

nanc said...

i've found a product at one of the local amish stores - "skinners" ointment - it relieves ANY bite and isn't all that stinky - a little menthol like.

Pinky said...

great tip.
I puff up huge when I get bit.