Friday, July 25, 2008


this is best prepared with one and a half inch halibut steaks. you may, however, use other white fish which tends to be much thinner - in this case double layer them.

make sure your fish is washed in cold water and dried thoroughly with paper towels, squeeze fresh lemon on the fish and rub it in. this is also a procedure i use with most fish whether caught or store bought.

this is very fattening!

preheat oven to 350 degrees

four thick halibut steaks
2 cups real mayonnaise (NOT MIRACLE WHIP!)
2 cups shredded colby/jack cheese
2 tbls. minced garlic

place your steaks into the bottom of a slightly greased, shallow glass casserole dish - mix remaining ingredients together with a fork and spread evenly over fish steaks. place in oven for thirty minutes or until golden brown and bubbly. remove and allow to stand for five minutes before serving - easier to remove from pan this way.

while your fish is in the oven, prepare two to three cups of cous cous or rice - this goes under your fish when serving.

serve with lemon and/or dill and hotsauce or red pepper. although this is prepared for four people, it will serve six as it is very rich and filling.


in a hot skillet, sprinkle quarter cup shredded colby/jack and let it sizzle and flip until you see most of the fat leaving the cheese and once the cheese looks like golden lace, remove from pan onto paper towels - this is soooooooo good and crunchy as a snack - i discovered this a few years ago when some cheese from another dish i was preparing dropped into the pan so i let it fry until it was crunchy and then plucked the little tidbits out and ate them - my oh my! so i thought it would be great in larger amounts and was i ever right.


The Merry Widow said...



Brooke said...

You cannot go wrong with fried cheese!

I like to put spicy corn and/or black bean salsa over my fishies, along w/ the rice.

But fried cheese... Dang, I'd never thought of that! :)

nanc said...

brooke - your children will love it! it's like original cheezits without all the flour and other stuff. i call them cheese doilies because that's what they look like when they're done.

Z said...

"cheese doilies" is exactly right, nanc...a restaurant nearby serves kind of shards of this stuff with salads ...and it's fabulous! but, they do it with Parmesan cheese, which I've done,'s a little more delicate and fragile to get it off the sheet once it's cooked, but SOOO good with a glass of red wine! It's been a while since I've done them myself but I piled parmesan like cookies, even and thick in big circles, on a baking sheet and probably sprayed the sheet so they wouldn't stick...then baked them. It takes experimentation but they're GREAT!
Thanks for the reminder.

cube said...

I gained weight just reading this.

The Merry Widow said...

Cube-You, too?


nanc said...


i used to believe that the best diet was just LOOKING at cookbooks - ha!