Monday, January 19, 2009

Picadillo, Hat-tip to Cynnie at Waitting For Life To Start...

Another cuban dish..
make a sofrito ( onions , green peppers chopped and sauteed in olive oil...throw in some minced garlic after the onions get tender)

then throw in a pound or two of hamburger .

squish it around and get it fried and crumbly..

add a bunch of cumin powder and oregano then add tomato sauce, paste or just canned tomatoes..whichever or all 3 ..

chop some olives up and capers if you have them..
or leave them out if you want ..

I know's pretty much sloppy joes.but make some rice or put it on bread.. it's so good ( pronounced pee-kah-dee-ah) enjoy!

I'm Cynnie at Waitting for Life To Start

Okay, I LOVE stuff like this, true cooking required!


Brooke said...


Z said...

I've always wanted to make this dish...maybe I'll jot this down! Thanks, TMW! Mr. Z will love it, I know!

Leon Basin said...

What a helpful blog! Thank you....

The Merry Widow said...

I'm not keeping up with it as much as I'd like to(busy in my real life), but we have tried to gather some good info...and any tips, suggestions or recipes are if you have any ideas...feel free to e-mail, and I'll pass them on in a post.


cube said...

Yum. A classic dish.

margarito said...

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